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Installation Services

Water Installation Services

For the installation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification system, it's recommended to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions provided with the specific RO system you've purchased

  • Location Selection
    Choose a suitable location near a water source and a drainage point. Ensure there's enough space for the RO system and that it's easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Preparation
    Gather all the necessary tools and equipment as mentioned in the installation manual. This might include a drill, wrenches, tubing cutter, etc.
  • Filter Installation
    Install the RO membrane, sediment filter, carbon filters, and any other filters provided with the system according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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Our Ro water purifier service

As the RO system is a complex one, for the best result it is always suggested to take assistance only from the expert personals. The RO helpline number provides the assistance from the best and expert technicians in the field of the RO system. Due to the expert servicing, the RO gets the proper maintenance and provides the best service for a longer period of time and have a longer lifespan too.

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