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At Standard Aqua RO Service, we understand that pure water is the only weapon to fight against thousands of diseases out in the real world. With a wealth of experiences accumulated, we trade and supply water treatment products.

Welcome To Standard Aqua RO Service Center.

Standard Aqua Services is one of the most popular & trusted brands in the field of RO water purifier service in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad. We are running independently and deal in all types of RO water purifier services such as RO service, RO installation, RO repair & maintenance of all brands. Our water filter service is available on customers' doorsteps at scheduled times. Our RO water purifier service has skilled & experienced technicians who are experts in works like water purifier installation, RO installations, water filter installation, etc.

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Our Ro water purifier service

As the RO system is a complex one, for the best result it is always suggested to take assistance only from the expert personals. The RO helpline number provides the assistance from the best and expert technicians in the field of the RO system. Due to the expert servicing, the RO gets the proper maintenance and provides the best service for a longer period of time and have a longer lifespan too.

Why Choose Us ?

The RO technology is a completely modern one which produces safe and pure drinking water in a complete natural process without the use of any kind of chemicals. RO purifiers are used in every sector like for residential used along with commercial and industrial use also. With the passing days, the RO purifier goes through wear and tear and to maintain the higher performance level of the same, it needs to be maintained and repaired in regular interval.


24*7 Ro repair service near you

24*7 for RO (Reverse Osmosis) repair services typically implies continuous availability and assistance around the clock, including emergencies, weekends, holidays, etc.

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Skilled Technicians

We have a deep understanding of RO systems, including their components, functionality, and common issues that may arise. We should be knowledgeable about different brands and models of RO systems.

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Affordable Price

Our companies that offer RO repair or maintenance services in your area. Compare their pricing structures, service packages, and any discounts they might offer.

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Quick Aqua service

Our company specializing in quick and efficient solutions related to water purification, filtration, or water treatment systems

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Our Exhort Happy Clients say !

We are having well-experienced team of professionals who are passionate and ensures the superior quality of RO plant and water filter or purifier. Our team handles all work situations proficiently to accomplish the preset targets. In addition to this, our technical part has always assisted us in the preliminary design phase of our assortment ensuring an RO plant and water purifier in compliance to the set industry parameters.

Our latest news

As you know water is the fundamental need of all the person, you can’t survive even a single day without water. Because your body needs water for all most every function like, for the elimination of toxin from your body, for digestion of food, to nourish your body immune system, for the proper brain function and etc. In that case, if your water is contaminated or not pure then you are at the higher health risk. But there is something that can help you, namely “Water Purifier”


Standard Aqua Services: One Stop Solution for Repairing All Types of RO Water Purifiers and Water Purifier Service in Pune & Pimpri-Chinchwad at an affordable price.

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